About Coach

Mr. Stephen Christopher is the executive director. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS), and a Trauma Professional (IATP). He started his Martial Arts career in 1970 and currently holds a 6th degree Black Belt and is a Tai Chi instructor. He is a native of Colorado Springs graduating from Palmer High School. He has master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and in Psychology.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this program is to assist individuals in navigating the maze of life by developing self-efficacy and teaching coping skills to deal with Anxiety, Stress, Substance Abuse, and Depression.

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What is Experiential Therapy?

When we think of therapy, talk therapy generally comes to mind. Experiential therapy on the other hand, like the name suggests, is a form of therapy that involves immersing yourself in a certain experience.  Experiential therapy is distinguished by its emphasis on action. Action is important because when a person is bodily engaged, they have access to psychological elements they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Action can also be a precursor to change—by acting in a new way, a person can think in new ways.

In the Martial Arts and Mental Health program, we use Martial Arts as our action. This allows participants to deal with strong emotions such as anger or frustration. This is not Karate Kid and it is not Cobra Kai. Participants use punching and kicking on targets to help deal with negative emotions., they learn to use some self-defense techniques to escape and deal with dangerous situations. We also teach them how to use the nunchucks. The nunchucks give them the bilateral stimulation that is proven to work best for individuals with PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.